Stainless Steel Chase Cover


Glance up at the top of the chimney and it may be fitted with a metal covering. It's a chase cover that serves the same purpose as a concrete-crown. If there is not a concrete-crown on your chimney this means your home was constructed with a differing class of chimney. Many newer homes, often found in newer suburbs are topped off with a galvanized steel chase cover. The reality: due to the cheaper quality of the galvanized steel, the chase covers begin to rust and sag, eventually allowing water to leak into the interior of the chimney. Experiencing a leak from atop the chimney is often a good indication that the chase cover should be replaced.

At Chimney & Masonry Outfitters, we provide you with a stainless steel chase cover (measured and customized to fit your chimney). The chase cover comes with a manufacturer, lifetime warranty. Each chase cover is designed with a cross-break bend (causing a convex shape) to prevent snow and water from collecting on top of your chimney. Our chase covers are mounted to the sides of the chimney to ensure there are no nail holes at the top allowing water intrusion. The chase covers used by CMO are also fabricated with drip edges, which serve to whisk water away from the chimney walls. 

We provide custom manufactured stainless and copper chase covers to fit any size chimney. Chase covers have a life time manufacturer warranty.

This purchase includes one custom stainless steel chase cover and installation where set up beyond a ladder is unnecessary. Appointment is needed to quote a price for a copper chase cover. When special set up for installation is needed, there may be an additional charge.