Aluminum Liners


In many cases, when water heaters and furnaces are vented out the chimney, the flue is too large and flue tiles can be broken allowing carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can cause sickness and/or death when vapors are inhaled. When the chimney is relined with our aluminum liner you will greatly reduce the risk of trapping carbon monoxide inside.

In many instances appliances not vented into a properly lined chimney will allow for condensation, corrosion, water damage, and if not taken care of even mold to the interior and exterior walls of your home. Flue gas is able to exit chimneys quicker when an aluminum chimney liner is installed. With our liner, nearly all of the water vapor in the flue gas is vented out of the chimney. The remainder of the condensation is trapped within the watertight conduit thanks to the aluminum liner.

Our M-Flex aluminum Liners are made of 2 ply 3003 aluminum. By relining your chimney, you can reduce condensation problems and improve the performance of appliances. This aluminum liner has a 15 year transferable warranty.

This purchase includes up to 50 feet of aluminum liner and installation where scaffolding is unnecessary. When more than 50 feet of liner or special set up for installation is required, there may be an additional charge.