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Dedicated to Building Equity, Restoring Beauty, and Growing Peace of Mind



Chimney & Masonry Outfitters strives to build equity into your home. We want to educate, equip and empower you as a homeowner to add value to your home, whether that is through routine chimney and fireplace maintenance or by making necessary restorative repairs.


Chimney & Masonry Outfitters understands that restoring the beauty of the chimney or masonry is extremely valuable to our homeowners, we value that too! We strive to persevere and restore existing chimney and masonry structures through careful brick-matches and proper industry practices.


Peace of Mind is why you sleep soundly at night, it’s why you breathe deep, it’s why you light fires in the fireplace – we totally get it. At Chimney & Masonry Outfitters, ensuring that after a sweep service is performed, or repair/restoration work is completed you are left with peace of mind in knowing your chimney or fireplace is safe and functional.


We established ourselves in 2011 with a simple goal of providing an uncompromising level of quality service to our homeowners. We strive to make our homeowners happy by performing above and beyond their expectations.


We value and respect the homes of the homeowners we are working with. Professionalism is at the core of who we are and we understand that your home is not a construction site. We strive to keep our work areas clean, organized and free of debris to ensure nothing is in the way of satisfying our homeowners while we complete our work.


To employ persons of character and integrity and equip them to meet the chimney and masonry needs of our city.

Kourtney Zahn


Miles Millott

Director of Operations

David Dickensen

Sales Outfitter

Kevin Tackett

Sales Outfitter

Paul Johnson

Sales Outfitter

Stephen Coyle

Sales Outfitter

Troy Keen

Project Manager

Chris Keen

Project Manager

Nate Hill

Project Manager

Riley Senter

Account Manager

Jacob Mitchell

Production Assistant

Calvin LeSure

Production Assistant

Michael Coyle

Production Assistant

Tianna Pierson


Darrell Pierce

Chimney Outfitter

James Armstrong

Chimney Outfitter

Myles Sylvester

Chimney Outfitter

Sheldon Turner

Chimney Outfitter

Vince Bishop

Chimney Outfitter

Alec Nilsen

Chimney Outfitter

Brian Baldwin

Chimney Outfitter

Dustin Osborne

Masonry Outfitter

Devon Cory

Chimney Outfitter