Brick Restoration

Masonry is recognized as a “green” building material. It’s an extremely sustainable material and can be recycled for other projects. With proper installation and maintenance, brick can last a lifetime. However, the reality is that due to lack education on proper masonry maintenance, masonry does and will need to be restored. When exposed to the elements, particularly here Indiana’s unpredictable and harsh weather, brick can spall, crack, and split. Brick is a porous material and if not properly maintained, can lead to many unwanted, structural issues.

Our Outfitters will provide you with an estimate for repair and a plan for restoring the beauty of the masonry on your home or property. Maintaining masonry is maintaining equity.

Chimney & Masonry Outfitters is passionate about your experience being positive. We will let you know what’s happening through each phase of the project to ensure your overall satisfaction.

Contact us today to schedule a visual assessment (estimate included).