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Masonry is any work performed by a mason, pertaining to brick or stonework. Masonry is a timeless material and has been a top choice for builders for centuries, due to its durability and longevity. Masonry also serves in the fulfillment of “green-build” initiatives for many building organizations. In addition to its durability, there are numerous benefits to masonry on or in a home:

– EV Materials: Masonry is recognized as an environmentally friendly material by the government due to the fact that it does not exhaust the use of natural resources.chimney sweep outfitters

– Fire Resistant: Masonry (stone or brick) is a non-combustible material, which reduces the amount of potentially hazardous materials in or around the home if a fire, is to occur.

– Allergy, Fungus and Mold Protection: Masonry structures are unlike wood structures that can hold moisture, creating a climate in which mold and mildew can develop.

There are many other benefits to masonry that add value to you as a homeowner.

Despite the durability and longevity of masonry, it must still be maintained and assessed for weathering or any other unforeseen structural concerns. While mold and mildew may not be problematic for masonry materials, weathering can and does take a toll on them – with the rapid freezing and thawing of water in the Indiana winters, cracking and spalling (defacement) of the brick or stone may occur. Reach out to your Outfitters if you have noticed any pieces of brick or stone on lower overhangs of your home, or even around the yard. Any cracking masonry or mortar can provide water with a means to permeate your masonry and create costly structural issues.

Indianapolis Masonry Services

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