Indianapolis Design Services

 At Chimney and Masonry Outfitters, we’re involved in every step of the brick design process — from brick ordering to ongoing support to laying the first brick and everything in between.

 Brick design is just one of the many services we provide to homeowners in the Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Learn more about Chimney and Masonry Outfitters’ design services below!

Brick Design Consultations

To better serve the design needs of our homeowners and business owners, we will meet with you to discuss your vision for your home. Our team is familiar with the design process and popular materials, sizes, colors, and other finishes that may complement your design. 

 A design consultation will not only help you realize your design goals, but it can also help you save time and money. We understand that brick design takes great attention to intricate details, so our installers are experienced in using several materials and building out your dream project, including:

Accent Walls

Think outside of the box when considering adding a brick accent wall. Accent walls not only add visual appeal, but also help distinguish between rooms. Brick accent walls give a traditional, textured effect that gives the ‘wow’ factor in a room. Our team will work with you on designing a great accent wall that will transform your home. 


Putting a backsplash in your kitchen will give it new life. We can also add a backsplash to other rooms in your home, such as the bathroom or laundry room. Our team will create a backsplash in your home using your chosen materials, whether it would be subway tiles, travertine tiles, exposed brick, or anything else you desire. 

Fireplace Design

Create a statement-making fireplace by choosing brick or stones as your materials of choice. A free-standing fireplace is also visually compelling and stylish in your home or business. You can never go wrong with designing a fireplace when you work with our team of Outfitters, who will present design options and suggest materials and colors for your fireplace.


Indianapolis Brick Design Services

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