Waterproofing is performed to prevent water from permeating the masonry on your chimney. The chimney is extremely vulnerable to the elements (weathering), as it stands above the roofline of the home. Nearly every chimney has visible signs of the effects of weathering. Once the problem is found and the necessary work has been completed, we waterproof the masonry on the chimney (the chase).

CMO utilizes a product called ChimneySaver when performing waterproofs. ChimneySaver reduces water penetration, and is also designed to expel water vapors that may pass through the bricks when the chimney is in use – it’s almost like a “skin” of sorts, for your chimney. Breathable, but effective – it doesn’t trap water, but again, expels it away from the porous masonry. Water trapped in masonry means it can expand and contract during the winter months. Indications that water is penetrating your masonry is seen most often when chips or pieces of brick start showing up around the exterior of your home or on the roofs/overhangs.

Chimney-Saver is available in both solvent (mineral spirits) and water-based formulas. The water-based formula is most popular, however, if a water-proofing has previously been applied to the masonry, we recommend the solvent-based formula.

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